About EMM International

At EMM we work with top-level management at blue-chip companies in over 50 global markets. We work closely with marketing and procurement on media pitches, where 20% improvement in media value is commonplace when the right tactics are adopted; something for which EMM is noted.

A media audit and evaluation is as much about people as formulae. As the media sector becomes more fragmented, brands need scrutiny, support and informed advice. EMM provides reassurance that your agencies are delivering the best solutions for your brand in a climate of consistent change.

EMM recognises the need to move media services forward, in order to evaluate new media as rigorously as traditional media.

With over a hundred media experts worldwide EMM has a fully international approach which enables us to provide Effective Media Management locally and globally.

Truly global companies choose and trust EMM - let us show you how EMM is different.

EMM International, seventeen years of helping brand owners to measure, manage and motivate their media investments